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Natural and Preserved Luxury Signature Rose Boxes, Moments and Events

We present you a fresh new concept for luxury roses' arrangements, personalized moments and events in Virginia, DC area. Natural and Preserved Luxury Signature Rose Boxes, Moments and Events

Our mission is to create luxury boxes of high quality roses, both natural and preserved (last up to 3 years in box), any colour and variation, personalized to each moment, feeling or event;, a masterpiece with each box, we create Magic Moments.

Our goal is to pay a tribute to the beauty of roses but most important to make sure we maximize their potential in the lives of the people that we love and care, from appreciation and gratitude, to love and surprises, we make sure we translate your feelings in our personalized boxes. We choose Roses because they are the supreme symbol of love since the Roman Gods times, roses are the divine flowers that have the power to create feelings, hypnotize, allure and change a day or a life with their beauty.

We specialize in boxes that speak for themselves, flowers delivery, in our signature boxes, breath-taking moments and events. The roses have always been the most delicate, sublime and expressive flower, sacred to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Our company uses only the finest quality on the market from natural colours to died stems, and even if our flowers cannot live forever, we make sure their impact does.


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