Our company works only with natural and preserved roses.

The preserved roses are fresh cut roses that undergo a high technology process
which enables us to preserve for up to 3 years
the natural beauty, colour, luxuriant texture and shape of the flower.

Step 1

For a regular box with natural roses, we normally need 1-day notice for delivery. Either you get the box online or you can contact us by phone or e-mail to place your order. For preserved roses, we need 3 weeks' notice, (sometimes depending on orders we might have them in our storage) in order for us to prepare them, they are the only ones available for Word Wide shipping as well.

For World Wide shipping the client is responsible for the shipping charges. For same day delivery give us a call and we will do our best.

Step 2

After you find the perfect bouquet box you specify the details, leaves us the message, which goes to the greeting card,pick a greeting card template, the recipient's name, delivery address etc. At the checkout page, you can pick a delivery date from the delivery calendar.

Greeting Card Styles

Step 3

In order to make sure we are on point after your purchase you will receive a confirmation e-mail showing all the details that you gave us, or you will receive a phone call for payment or confirmation, please double check, for any modifications