As a creator of an idea and a simple person all along, I believe that in life we should enjoy every moment that feeds beauty to our soul and if that moment can create a second of supreme happiness in our life or in the lives of others then we lived a Magic Moment.

    I hope that our company can do that for all our customers and their loved ones.

    Beauty can come in any shapes and forms and here at Belle Cosi we only want to give a voice to that feelings through the power of roses. Our goal is to personalize the feelings of our clients with color and elegance to create a moment of ultimate happiness that will be a memory to last forever, a box that can change a day.

    Beauty is all around us but mostly inside of us and we don’t have to believe that because we know that, with good and bad a day can have many colors and in all the chaos the small details are the only ones that can give us the opportunity to smile and enjoy life. We weren’t ever promised a full happy life but if we choose to see the bright side, to live and laugh fully, to see the little things, then this life was sure worth living. When was the last time you enjoyed the beauty of being Alive?!

    Beauty and love can only be simple and easy. Beauty can be white, purple, red can be a word, a walk, a song, a poem, a star, a person, and beauty starts and ends with us and our actions.

    Let’s inspire, live in the moment, show the beauty of us.

    Thank you for taking your time to check our website and to read our blog. The purpose of this blog is to give you a moment of inspiration, a moment to dream and if we manage to only steal a minute and give you a smile then we reach our goal.

    Here to create Magic Moments through the beauty of roses and events at any time.

    Yours truly,


    Founder and Concept Designer Magic Moments USA, Let me show you the power of Magic!